Crassy Reviews & Bakery FAQ


Where are your cookies sold?


Cookies are sold in the state of Virginia and cannot be sold outside of the state of Virginia.

How do I order/pay for my cookies?

Payment is accepted through PayPal as well as card payment. Debit/credit transactions are processed discreetly through a program called Square which provides you with a trusted and secure transaction. Cash payment is only accepted at community events such as farmer’s markets, craft fairs or flash sales.  

**Please Note: My baking days are Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Orders need to be placed by Wednesday. If orders are placed after the Wednesday of the present week your order will need to be moved to the following week. If placing a custom order or an order for a special event, please provide a notice of 10 days in advance prior to the day your order is due. Please be aware that availability may not be guaranteed for your requested date.

***Custom orders for Butter Than Yours sugar cookies and large orders for events require 50% of payment upon placing an order. 

How do I get my cookies?

 Cookies may be picked-up at the residential bakery location or delivered. A pick-up time can be arranged while placing an order. If a schedule change is needed for pick-up, please notify me as soon as possible so I can accommodate the change in time. Please be aware that if cookies are not picked up on the agreed upon date and without notification, there will be no refund. A cookie order may be cancelled, with a 50% refund, with at least 48 hours notice of the agreed upon date. No refund will be issued for cookie orders cancelled within that 48 hour window. Cookies can be delivered within a 35 mile radius inside VA state lines. There is a flat rate fee of $10 for every delivery.

Are you nut-free? Gluten Free? Vegan?

NO! Cookies are made in a kitchen where nuts are present. Some cookies on the menu have nuts, specifically peanuts, pecans and walnuts. Cookies can certainly be made without nuts upon request however if a severe allergy is present, it is not possible to fulfill your order. I do not offer gluten-free or vegan options exclusively on my menu.

Do you make cakes or cupcakes?

 No and yes. I am exclusively a cookie business. Cakes or cupcakes can be made after a one on one consultation. If your request coincides with VA cottage Food Law and I am able to fulfill what you are looking for I would love to move forward with a cake or cupcakes. 



"As the cookie delivery man floated up to me, (yes, floated, that's how angelic these are) I fell awash in the warm ambience of deliciousness. I had yet to release one of these morsels from their cage, but I could already taste them. I, first, cradled the bag of confetti shortbread. It was magnificent and reminded me of the ticker tape parade in NYC when the Mets won the World Series in 1986. The shortbread disintegrated in my mouth and I was overwhelmed with a deep, deep darkness as the taste left my mouth. I had another piece and was lifted up on the wings of eagles. I ate the whole bag. Twas a roller coaster of emotion and sugar. 10/10 would recommend.
The banana creme cookies were about to meet their maker (not their baker). Banana creme sandwiched between two pecan sugar cookies makes my knees weak, but boosts my blood sugar, so it evens out. Any cookie that comes in sandwich form, is an automatic 10 in my book and in my mouth. You need these in your life. If you're allergic to bananas or pecans, grab that EpiPen, because you're gonna need to eat this and deal with the consequences later.
The Crassy Cookie gets 5 cookie crumbles out of 5 cookie crumbles."

-Angel, Stafford VA

"So happy with my very first order! They were delivered so fast! She even included a sampler package for us to try the other cookies she specializes in! They all were absolutely delicious! Presentation was perfect! Definitely will be ordering again soon! Thank you so much!"

-Amanda, Manassas VA

"The presentation, perfect fit boxes and branded stickers were an excellent home to the moist, double chocolate chip, cookies and an assortment of other delectable treats! I’m excited for these to be available in store eventually �"

-Mike, Alexandria VA

"The Crassy Cookie went well beyond my expectations and made the most decadent & delicious birthday cake. The service was top notch and everyone at the birthday dinner was in awe at how beautiful a birthday cake could look! Really.... I cannot give enough credit to Mallory and everyone else at The Crassy Cookie, simply amazing!"

-Alyssa, Woodbridge VA

The Important Deets...

  • The Crassy Cookie bakes with organic and local ingredients. 
  • The Crassy Cookie adheres to all VA state Cottage Law
  • The Crassy Cookie is NOT  a nut-free residential bakery.
  • We sell only within the state of Virginia
  • We do not ship